My first Unity project. Best played full screen., as it seems I've made a few mistakes on the smaller aspect ratios. There are bugs; I squash them as I discover them. I need to reprogram my jump method so you can attack while jumping. That will change down the line. Feel free to comment below to let me know any issues you run into while playing.

The characters are based on my family, and my friend Thor. The main character is my daughter, Eliana. In a later release, there will be an option to switch between each character.

Thor and I met playing Laser Tag against each other. We disliked each other quite a lot, but came together later down the line, and are good friends. He played to game, and loved being part of it.

Future Features: Attacking while jumping, SFX, New Enemies (Less Zombies), Boss Battles, Difficulty Options, Mappable Buttons. After all that, there will be more levels and move abilities introduced into the game.

Graphics: (colors altered by my wife)
No SFX yet...

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